Thursday, 20 January 2011

10 days post op

Its been 10 days since the morning of the surgery, and 6 days since coming home.

Im still very very sore, the pain is mainly from the actual cuts, the associated bruises and muscle damage. \its very uncomfortable and getting to sleep is hard work.Also trying to find a comfortable sitting position is a nightmare.

Im pretty mobile around the house, I can climb the stairs ok, but I need help getting into the shower, as its over the bath and has a high side. Its pretty darn boring being stuck inside all day. Im running out of things to do!
Ill be so glad after about 4 weeks when I can go out for short gentle walks, and maybe even drive again, just to get out of the house.

As of yet, the pain from the surgery is overriding and potential benefit, so I cant even say if the surgery has been succesful. I imangine it will be a months or so until I can start thinking about that.

The scar isnt too bad, bigger than I thought, but is healing well.

The damage

Should be having the stitches taken out next week sometime at my Doctors, Im not sure if that will alleviate some discomfort, or make it worse??

Friday, 14 January 2011

I'm home!!

At last!! I'm home. I was discharged at about 9 am and my wife picked me up at about 10. So glad to be home, although it's quite hard work getting around. I wasn't too bad this morning but I think I may have overdone it and now I'm in a lot of pain everytime I move. My back actually isn't too bad, it's my left leg and hip that's causing the pain. I've also got some numbness in my left foot, but that should clear soon. I'm exhausted, it's been a long day and I'm going to try get to sleep now!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Had enough now

That's it I'm done. I'm really ready to go home now. I thought I was going to going today as the Physio said I did excellently on my first official walk up and down the stairs and as far as they were concerned I'm ready to go. If it wasn't for the substandard nursing I may have done so, it wasnt until gone 4 that I'd even had my catheter and blood drains taken out which were supposed to be done yesterday. So now it looks like I'm here another night unable to sleep due to all the noise and commotion that happens throughout the night.

If I'm not let out tomorrow I may just attempt a jump from the window. It's only 3 floors up, I'm sure it'd be fine.

Day 3 post op

Yesterday was pretty dull, although the physios cane in and got me sat and stood up. Still not allowed to walk because I've still got 2 blood drains in one of them should be coming out today. Had some X-rays yesterday too which I've been told are ok. I've had my epidural removed and my second drip thing fell out last night so now in on oral pain killers only. Not much else to report. Im hot, sweaty and can't wait to go home!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Post op day 1

Well today is my first post op day.I didnt sleep
a wink last night due to some very heavy snorers in the ward and the mad polish nurse taking my blood pressure every half hour. Finally got some food after 30 hours without eating a thing in the form of two sliced of burnt toast. Still better than nothing. My morpine drip also ran out and despite me ringing the bell for a nurse to come
immediately, it took over 30 minutes before one actually turned up, and she was only food nurse. It took a further 2 hours before I actually got some painkillers.

I also had a sponge bath and the sheets changed on the bed, the only issue being I'm unable to get out of bed, so I was still in it as they changed the sheets, rolling me from on side to
The other. Possibly the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Even more so as I still
Didn't have painkillers at this point.
Thank god I've had my morphine dry refilled along with a paracetomol drip and a dicofenac tablet which is helping to ease the pain now.
Just had lunch, sausages, mash and bran. Quite comical as I can't sit up , so trying to eat it lying down!

That'll do for now, maybe more later if my battery holds

Monday, 10 January 2011

Op day

I'm currently in the ward unable to move. I had my op at about 9am and it lasted until about 3pm. I'm in a lot if pain but have morphine on tap which takes the edge off. The ward isn't too bad, about 4 other people in here at the moment. My wife came in earlier and brought me some stuff like juice and a book but I'm just too tired to read at the moment. I cant feel any pain where the bone graft was taken on my left hand side hip, but I can feel the main incision. I've got a catheter in and a saline drip as well as well as the morphine. I've also got some funky airbags on my legs which blow up tight to push the blood around. I'm going to be in bed all day tomorrow and hopefully will be able to get out of bed on m

Right well that's all I can manage today, I'll post again tomorrow sometime to update!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The last night

It's the last night before the op. My bag is packed and everything that needed doing is done. All that's left is to have a shower and get to bed early. Need to be at the hospital by 7.15am so I'm going to have to get up at about 5.30 or so. Waay to early on the best of days!

I don't know what the phone/Internet status is in hospital so not sure when I'll be able to post again, so until whenever...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

3 days

Only 3 days left until the big day. Had my last day at work today, which feels a bit weird.
Been a pretty bad day pain wise, one of the worst for a while.

A bit aprehensive about the upcoming operation and recovery, I looked on youtube and found a woman who had the same surgery as Im having and posted loads of videos of before and after. She actually gave me more info than the nurses and surgeon have!  Her videos have certainly given me a bit more confidence in the whole thing, and made what was a pretty crappy day a bit better

Check them out here, worth a watch if you are experiencing the same.