Thursday, 3 February 2011

Practice nurse update

Went to the Practice nurse yesterday for a checkup on the wound, All fine. Its healing well and no infection. The were no stitches to remove, so its all good.
Its still very painfull, but thats normal, although the nurse thinks Ive been over doing it, as there is some swelling which indicates Ive been to active!

SAtruggled to get a sick note for the next few weeks as the receptionist was the typical "I know more than you" type person and said I'd need to book an apointment with my GP to make sure Im "ill" enough for a sick note. Silly bint wouldnt listen that Ive just had a 5 hour major spinal surgery.
I told her to get my GP to ring me that afternoon, which he did, and he's given me a note for 8 weeks without issue.
I dont know why receptionists think they know it all. They dont, get on with your bloody job and stop trying to make my life difficult!!

Rant over!