Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Oops, been a while since an update.
Well Ive had the Pre-op assesment, and everything is ok as far as Im aware. I now have the date for surgery, which is January 10th.

I have to be in Hospital at 7.15 in the morning, so that'll be a fun day, considering I need a shower, get everyhting ready and then get to the hospital. Going to be a very early start. The hospital stay should be about 5 days, all being well. 5 Days Im really not looking forward to!. I hate being stuck in places with people I dont know. I'll be glad to get home!

Ill probably post again before the date, and then as soon afterwards as I can. Im going to get some pictures of the before and after too!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Just recieved a copy of the letter sent to my GP and pain clinic practictioner. Not sure if I was supposed to, but got one anyway!

It just explains that Ive chosen to the have the op, A lumbar spine fusion of L5-S1 with a pedicle screw rod fixation and bone grafting.  Got a ring to it hasnt it! :-D Thats in addition to the L5/S1 discectomy of course!

It then goes on to detail all the things that might go wrong, a jolly old list involving wound infection through to loss of bladder control and paralysis.  Bad times.

Still no word of the actual date, I guess they will tell me after the Pre op assesment thingy on the 13th...