Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Royally good few Days

Now that Wedding Fever has just about died down, time for another update.
Yesterday saw the biggest wedding since, well the last big one and Billions of people around the World watched and partied.

We had our own little party here, just the two of us, with tea, cakes and sandwiches. How very posh!

It was good to watch the whole event, and they do seem to make a lovely couple. Im still sure Harry and her Sister will be getting it on soon. There was certainly chemistry there!

After the wedding, we went to the local DIY store to get a few things we needed, one of which being a new incinerator bin. We have amassed so much junk in the garden its unreal. We also bought a new light fitting for the dining room, which I successfuly manged to wire in myself. Look at me, Electrical wizard!

The Incinerator!

So later on after chopping up some of the wood we had in the garden, we had a nice little fire, well I say little, I think the old Xmas tree might have been a step to far!

So that was yesterday, today hasnt been much yet, just tidied the garden after yesterday and watered all the plants. Its nice and sunny again today. It started to poiur down just as we got the fire going yesterday... Typical!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lots more photos!

I decided to get up early today and go for a walk around some of the local woodlands. I had a lovely day, although think I may have walked to far as now my back and legs are agony. Nevermind, I got some nice shots! My picks of the bunch...

Please go visit my Flickr account for more from today and the bigger versions!

My Flickr

Monday, 25 April 2011

Results from the walk

Had a nice walk in a lovely wildflower meadow , took a few photos along the way. Here are some!!

Click on them for bigger versions!

Another sunny day..

Yesterday was a bit disapointing weather wise, but its brightened up again today. Did a bit more work in the garden and made a start on my new photography website. I was going to just use wordpress, but having installed it all, Im not sure. I might revert back to a normal CSS/HTML site and just use wordpress as a blog type thing. Dunno yet.

Just had a nice roast lamb dinner and then going to take the dog for a walk and hopefully get some new photos on the way. Cant decide what lenses to take though.. 105 macro, 85mm f/1.4 for portraits and creamy bokehlicious or the 24-70 f/2.8 for a bit of everything. I dont want to end up carrying a massive bag full of stuff, "just in case". Guarenteed which ever I take, I'll wish I had the other when I get there!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


DSC_3009-2 by TCR4x4
DSC_3009-2, a photo by TCR4x4 on Flickr.

B&W Dandelion

B&W Dandelion by TCR4x4
B&W Dandelion, a photo by TCR4x4 on Flickr.

Photos done!

Just finished editing todays photos. Nothing too exciting, just more dandelions and a few flies!
Ill post some of my favourites from the batch in a mo.

A well deserved break!

After lots of planting ( even though not by me!) a nice cold beer is in order! Let's hope it doesn't react with my NSAIDS tablets!

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Busy busy

Garden shopping done, plus a bottle of beer for later! Now have hundreds of veg, salad and herbs to plant. Think I'll make myself scarce for that task!

Meet Bob!

My new best friend.. Sat very still for me to take his picture!


Just downloaded an ap to make posting easier from my phone.. Does it work???

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What a....

Glorious day! About 26 degrees, clear blue sky. Can't get better. Need to go buy some grass seen in a bit to try get our lawn back to some resemblance of grass. Looks more like a muddy hole at the moment. Will finally get to use the voucher my grandparents bought us for our wedding day in the garden centre!
Not looking forward to sowing it though. Too much work, I need a man servant. Any offers??

Friday, 22 April 2011


Dandelion mono by TCR4x4
Dandelion mono, a photo by TCR4x4 on Flickr.
One of the latest photos of mine. Taken yesterday. I love the delicateness of dandelions.

All the ladies have gone to their new home. Except one that we kept cosshe got bullied by the others. Feels strange in the garden without them!

Goodbye ladies!

Well that's that. All but one of the chickens have been taken to their new home in the country. Sad to see them go, but it's better for them and for me. On the bright side I can now sit out in the garden with the dog and not worry about him having a gobful of chicken everyone I turn around! I need to re seed the lawn again as they decimated it. Hopefully will grow in time for summer.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Do you suffer?

As well as the problems with my back, I also suffer from being unable to sleep due to noise.

Its been this way for a long time. I spent a long time trying different things and eventually found out that earplugs worked well for me. This wasnt a cheap journey though. I spent ages trying to find some that were comfortable and actually worked. Yoiu can buy generic foam ones from Boots and other High Street stores, but they arent very comfy and dont work all that well. To get something good, you need to pay the money, and for some reason, places seem reluctant to sell ear plugs in singles to try out. Meaning you need to buy 10 pairs or more of plugs that you eventually find out are uncomfortable.

This sparked something in my little brain and I decided to start up a little ebay shop selling single pairs of earplugs, so you can actually find the perfect pair for you. Of course I also sell bigger amounts to save money, but my core value is single pairs.

So, if you suffer from a snoring partner, or just over sensitive ears, why not check out my Ebay store for some cheap quality earplugs.

You can find it Here at EARPROTEX

Better day

Not sure if its the drugs, or the nice weather. But I feel a little better today. back still hurts a lot, and have a cold, but my mood has risen a bit.

Ive also decided to widen the gambit of this blog into a wider area instead of just the depressingness of my back troubles. I dont have much else to say, but I might update about some of my photo projects and other stuff going on.

TCR4x4's photostream

Apple blossomYou lookin' at me?All aloneRobinswood1Robinswood TreeRobinswood View
DandylionDandylion aloneMeadowFoot path past tree ColourFootpath past Tree Monojomantha-edit

Please check out my latest photos!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Been a long time

Well my last post was in February, so its been a while since I last updated.

I would have loved to have said I'd past the 3 months post op and feel great, but sadly its not the case.

3 months post op was April 10th. On April 8th I had a massive coughing fit due to a horrible cold Ive picked up and managed to injure myself pretty badly. Something popped in my back and I collapsed into a heap on the floor.

Previous to this, I had a meeting with the consultant surgeon on March 2nd, just a general check up. He seemed to think everything was going on track and said I should be able to start back at work on light duty on the 3 month date, Monday April 11th.

I was all ready to get back to it, when I got this cold/flu thing and now Im back to square one. I can barely walk again, I cant move once Im lying down in bed and I collapse everytime I cough or sneeze.

I made an apointment to see my GP, but there wasnt a space until May 3rd!! Thats over 3 weeks. I took the next available apointment with another GP which was today, April 20th. Only 2 weeks!

So yet another different GP, and having to explain everything again. He was very good though. Examined me and said its unlikely Ive caused any serious damage to the fusion, its more likely Ive torn some sutures inside or just pulled and inflamed the muscles around the verebrae. He is writing to my consultant anyway to try and get me an apointment for an Xray or MRI just in case. I wasnt due for an Xray until July.
So Ive been given some antibiotics to try and kill the coughing and some diclofenac to try reduce any inflamation. Plus signed off work for another month. The boss wont be happy. Im not really very happy either.
Stuck at home on my own all day, everyday. I was starting to get out and about a bit the last few weeks, but now I can barely get off the sofa. So I face another month on my own sat inside.
People are getting fed up, Im getting fed up. Starting to feel like a burdon on everyone, and feel utterly useless.
This is the sort of time a big lottery win would really help, thats if we could afford to play the lottery of course.

Anyhopw, thats enough for today, starting to bring myself down again, yet alone anyone reading this. I'll update somepoint when there is any change, good or bad.